Prima Assicurazioni and Rachele Somaschini together again for the Citroën C3 Rally 2 European Championship 2022

The sponsorship between the tech company and the Milanese driver is renewed for the Fondazione Ricerca Fibrosi Cistica - Onlus

Prima Assicurazioni will play a leading part in the European Championship 2022 (FIA ERC), as sponsor of the Milanese driver Rachele Somaschini testimonial for the Fondazione Ricerca Fibrosi Cistica - Onlus.

Thanks to the agreement, dating from 2021 and renewed for the 2022 sports season, the tech company that has revolutionised the world of car, motorcycle and van insurance, and also recently entered the house, family and accident insurance, is putting its exclusive colours on the Citroën C3 Rally 2 of Rachele (prepared and managed by F.P.F. Sport) in four events of the continental series: the Rally Serra di Fafe, held on the second weekend of March, the Rally of the Azores, scheduled for this week, the Rally of the Canary Islands in May and the Rally in Rome in July.

The Milanese driver faces this new challenge after having competed in the Italian Velocità su Ghiaccio - Ice Challenge Championship at the beginning of the year, winning third position, and the Rally Valle del Tevere in Tuscany, made particularly challenging by extreme weather conditions.

This sporting success has not been without its hurdles, and has been achieved due to the great determination of Rachele who, with fibrosis cystic fibrosis from birth, has been promoting the #CorrerePerUnRespiro initiative for several years, in order to combine her passion for motorsport with the need to raise awareness of the importance of research for this widespread disease.

Last year, both Prima Assicurazioni and Rachele overcame separate but difficult challenges, leading to growth and innovation that benefitted many people”, stresses Anna Sanfilippo, Chief Marketing Officer of Prima Assicurazioni. “For this reason, we have chosen to continue supporting Rachele: her commitment to support the fight against cystic fibrosis is an inspiration for us all”, concludes Sanfilippo.

I'm really excited”, says Rachele Somaschini, “after three years of attempts which were hindered by the pandemic, I have been able to take part in the European Championship from the very start and compare myself with a level of competition that is far more challenging for my experience. This is a very important achievement for me, after the difficult period we have experienced and that we are still living through, renewing the collaboration with a prestigious partner like Prima Assicurazioni has allowed me to perform at the top level with maximum commitment and enthusiasm”.

After the opening of the 2022 European Championship in Portugal, where Rachele performed with confidence despite the pitfalls of the muddy track, there is now huge anticipation for the upcoming and perhaps most picturesque race of the Calendar - the Rally of the Azores, scheduled from 25 to 27 March. The event, based on the island of Sao Miguel, will be organised in 14 special trials - one of which will take place on the crest of a volcano - for a total of 205.12 km of time-measured sections, and then end on Sunday 27 March in the capital city of Ponte Delgada, with an award ceremony.

For those who would like to support the #CorrerePerUnRespiro project, you can choose the solidarity gifts on or make a donation.

Milan, 24/03/2022